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How Runners Over 40 can Overcome Knee Pain without Drugs, Injections, or Surgery!
Good Things Are Happening At Xtra Mile Physical Therapy

Boyd, White Salmon, WA

"After finally giving into my knee pain, I was preparing to take a long break from running to heal. Addressing the problem with Dr. Corey, he actually kept me on the trail with new exercises and tools for practicing a lighter run. The knee pain is almost completely gone and I am still running. 

 If you're like me and want to be able to enjoy the amazing liberating sport of running through old age, and/or become a strong efficient runner, I recommend Dr. Corey for his valuable knowledge. You will be learning from a calm and patient teacher.

Off to the trails,

Boyd Becker-Nunley
(Local Farm to School Coordinator, Piano Teacher, and Father)"

Nirav, Vancouver, WA

"I used to wake up and carefully take the first few steps out of bed because my lower legs would be tight and stiff. Now I can spring out of bed now. 

"I used to just resign myself to the fact that my calves would ache after a run for hours. Now, I can't remember the last time that my calves ached. 
"I used to try every contraption, gadget and stretch to alleviate leg pain - tens units, the stick, compression socks and the like. Now, they sit in a bin collecting dust. 
"I used to be able to run 2 days in a row and then would have to take a day of rest. Now, I run multiple days without needing to take a rest day. 
"And, yes, all of this means that I can run pain free and enjoy running so much more." "
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